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Blogging and writing has evolved its purpose for me over the years. Once, a blog was a mere place to create a record of my cycles of fashion. Now, my blog has grown into my journal. I find myself thirsty for the chance to get my thoughts down. Whether it be a paper-bound journal or a word doc on my desktop, I am going to try to house some more of these entries in this space, in hopes others will hear some words that resonate.

So company culture. It’s been a huge focus for me since beginning my work life years ago but has recently began bubbling up in a new light. Company culture is something I used to view as static. A company is created, hires staff and serve its purpose. Along with that, comes the culture, rooted in its creation.

Now (more than ever), I see how cultures need to evolve. I have stayed at jobs much longer than I had planned, because the company culture was so spot on to my needs and grew to always hold the highest standards. In turn, I have also experienced the pains that come with a company culture that doesn’t align with your own and is stuck in a static state. These cultures can become toxic and cause conflicts at the root of their existence. A company culture that doesn’t align with your own can cause you unhappiness where you spend a majority of your time.

photo-1501556466850-7c9fa1fccb4cHow does your company culture stack up next to your own personal values and needs? Some of the most important values that create a loving and nurturing company culture for me are as follows:

1.) A safe environment that encourages learning. Whether questions are constant or few and far between, I value a company that encourages you to ask questions and serves to help you grow.

2.) Well rounded life. Companies that value life outside of work serve such a huge value in my life. With today’s technology and the ease of access to anyone, anywhere, at any time, having a company that encourages life outside of work is the best! A company that allows you to disconnect by limiting after hours emails, encouraging time off for volunteer work and shows an interest in your life, is a necessity. Without that, you work in a world that is different than the one you choose and thrive in (AKA how you enjoy your free time).

3.) Teamwork. A team has each other’s backs. A team wins together. A team includes everyone and must share the game plan with all players to reach success. Without teamwork, each player works towards their own goals and often looses focus of the others. Much like a sport’s team, a work team must be transparent with one another and value getting everyone to the end goal to #wintogether.

As I struggle with company culture, my own values and finding a voice for myself in the workforce, I try to keep a running list of the things I love and the things I would change when it comes to company culture.

What values do you look for in a company’s culture?

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