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Do you ever have those days or weeks where the time just evaporates from you? Even looking at photos I’ve taken in the last week, I seem to have a vacant spot where the days just slipped right through my fingers. Don’t get me wrong though… time has been flying for all of the most amazing reasons.

7 weeks ago I made one of the scariest and best choices, completely changing the course of my life really. I left a job that I was so excited for only months prior. Maybe it’s my optimistic ways, but I so easily excite myself over change and new promises. More than that exuberant excitement comes a harder crash of grand anxiety when things don’t unfold the way I had envisioned.

And often times they don’t. Things aren’t perfect, and I’m never sure of God’s great plans. But I do know this- everything always works out. I stress and I stress over the little things and grind my gears over the hangups that are life, but things are always so much better than I can imagine.

So 7 weeks ago I left my unfulfilling, stuffy job with people who didn’t fill me up and work that didn’t flex my strengths. I really had no idea what was next in store for me. At the time, it was applying to jobs all over the country. It was looking for apartments far from home and clinging to the idea that I had to be doing a job that would feed one day into my career. In some ways I have. In other ways, things are better than I thought possible.

I’m super thankful for my amazing support system, my relationships I’ve built along the way and the resources I’ve been given to put me in the position to feel capable enough to stand strong in my role as a leader and doer.

Needless to say all of that, I found an amazing job that I sincerely love working- actually, I’ve found two! I never thought it would be for a company I previously worked for, and in both of my current roles, this is the case. I am so happy to be working as a freelance Public Relations Assistant for a digital marketing company that saw potential in me while I sat studying in a Starbucks during college. I am also so thankful to be in a position where I get to forge relationships with the media, write the things I love to write and project manage a company I once dreamed of working for (and am now on the flip side of) as the Media Relations Coordinator of an amazing event venue and entertainment LLC.

My rambling about where I am now is an outstretch of encouragement to anyone who has followed me on my crazy journey the last few months and is in the same boat or feels like things couldn’t get any worse. My friend, take a deep breath and believe in yourself. You never know where your path will lead you. For me, it’s always getting better. Maybe it could be that way for you, too.


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