How to build the perfect everyday outfit

Effortless outfits… the point is to look like you never even tried, right? With these easy steps, you really don’t have to! Building the perfect outfits goes back to the basics and incorporates layers of colors, textures, accessories and more. But I swear it sounds harder than it is!

Step 1: Pick your anchor piece. This is the item that you build your outfit around. It usually starts with a top of a bottom. It could be a new sweater you’re looking to sport or your favorite pair of jeans. It could even be a killer cardigan or fun new blazer. Pick the one item you really want to wear.

Step 2: Filter in your basics. These basics help balance out the anchor item. If you went with a sweater, try looking for some basic jeans or leggings that are super neutral and easy to throw on. If you picked an item for the bottom, try adding in a plain white tee or chambray button up. These basics are items that can be paired with so many outfits and should be pieces you generally gravitate towards.

Step 3: Mix in the textures. Building your outfits is like creating a piece of art- you need balance. This balance includes different textures, fabrics, sheens, patterns, etc… The list goes on. Almost every outfit I wear incorporates some type of denim, a cotton (or similar blend) and a wool or similar looking cardigan or sweater. Another easy way to balance textures is to think of opposites attracting. If your outfit leans more feminine, add in a more masculine flare. If you love linen, maybe add a leather jacket. The possibilities are endless.

Step 4: Accessorize. This is my favorite part! No outfit is complete without your final accessories to bring it all together. In the fall, my go-to piece is a floppy hat, but this could include bags, jewelry, the perfect shoes and wraps or scarves. Your accessories can add another layer of depth and dimension to your look. Have fun with the accessories, and remember. Sometimes, less is more.

And there you have it! The perfect effortless look. Follow my 4 easy steps, and getting dressed really will be as effortless as you dreamt it would.

Top (Old J Crew) | Similar | Jeans | Shoes | Bag (Old Bass) | Similar

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