8 things to do this November

Happy November, y’all! I can hardly believe it’s already here. These past few weeks (like all of them) have really flown by. Work constantly keeps me busy, opportunities to volunteer my time never seem to cease, and family consumes the little time left in between it all. With a new month here, I wanted to share 8 things I am looking forward to doing this month. Some take only a few minutes and others can be made into an event. I hope you find inspiration from these activities and take some time this month to slow down and enjoy the life you’ve been blessed with.

1.) Vote! I am never one to push my personal opinions or beliefs on others, but this is becoming so much more important to me the older I get. Get out on November 6th and vote. I know so many people who take the “if I don’t vote, that one vote won’t change the world” mentality. And you know what? 1,000+ people who take that stance make a difference. Don’t let your voice be silenced. Educate yourself, use your right people fought hard to get you, and enjoy being an American. Find your polling location here!

2.) Try a new drank! Yes, that’s drank, not drink, as in explore a new brewery, winery, or any other local watering hole. Have a seasonal specialty or savor a flight while you’re there. Some of my local favorites for these include Molly Pitcher, The Fridge, and Millworks. Cheers!

3.) Donate your time to something special. We all have skills unique to us. Find yours and share it with the world! Helping small businesses, entrepreneurs, and passionate creatives is one of my favorite things to do. Whether it’s designing a graphic for a brand or talking public relations strategy, sharing my knowledge of the field never gets old. Find what you love and connect with people who can benefit from you! It’s both fulfilling and empowering to help others and be confident in what you do and know.

4.) Read a new book (or podcast)! I wish I did this way more often than I do, but starting a new book and finishing it this month is on my to-do list. Comment any good recs you have, please and thank you! As for podcasts, if you haven’t yet listened to Season 3 of Serial, it’s a great one for long commutes.

5.) Pamper yourself. The holiday season is upon us, friends, and that means work gets crazier, schedules book up quicker, and the fast pace of life really starts to spiral. Before it all takes off, take a moment to give yourself some much needed TLC. Schedule a pedicure or enjoy a day at the spa. Even if it’s just a simple hair appointment, take some time to dote on yourself this November.

6.) Pay extra attention to your health. This is one I am always learning more about. Being intentional in your health is a huge responsibility you should not ignore. Schedule that checkup you’ve been putting off or get the blood test you should’ve done 6 months ago. If you’re not due for any health-related appointments now, get ahead and make sure they’re scheduled for when you need them! Don’t take your health for granted. Too many people do. If you don’t know where to go for health questions, medicine, or appointments, reach out! I’m always happy to help you find the care you need.

7.) Pay it forward. Maybe this is a random act of kindness, or maybe this is simply telling your parents you appreciate them. This looks different for everyone, but exude love and support to those around you. You may be surprised at how great this easy act can be for you, your friends, loved ones, and even strangers. Let the people you love know it. You can never say it too often or too much.

8.) Clean out your car. Guys, as someone who is moderately OCD about organizing and cleaning, I sometimes neglect how great a clean car feels. Whether you drive a 1990 Honda Civic or a 2018 Range Rover, a clean car makes any ride feel luxurious. Seriously! Give your car a good clean out, vacuum, and wash, and then try to tell me you don’t love driving it even just a little bit more. Never underestimate the power of a clean car.


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