3 Tips To Help You Love Your Wardrobe

Do you ever go through phases where you’re like “ugh no I have nothing to wear! I hate everything in my closet.” Yeah, sorry I asked. I know the feeling!

For the past few months, that’s totally where I have been. There isn’t anything in my closet that I love or grab every time I’m in a crunch for time. I wasn’t finding anything new I wanted to buy and I was unsure what my style even consisted of.

If you’ve ever been here, you know it’s a hard feeling to shake. Even one or two new pieces you’re excited to wear can get old pretty fast. My tips for you? These have become my 3 fail-proof ways to love my closet again and get excited about what’s in my wardrobe.

1. Out with the old!

If you’re not loving your closet, chances are there are things you can get rid of. I love evaluating my wardrobe every few months to see what’s old, what’s new, what I need to replace, and what I can sell for some extra cash. Not only does it feel good to reduce some things (hello inner minimalist in me), but it really is nice to make some cash by selling those items that you can use towards new pieces that you love.

2. Pinterest Binge

When I’m needing inspiration for new outfits or ways to style pieces that I already own, Pinterest is my Godsend. I can seriously spend hours browsing fashion blogs, street styles, designers dupes… you name it. If you’re not sure how to style something or what to wear, try the Pinterest binge! It serious works every time. (Let’s follow each other for inspiration)

3. Purchase pieces that are timeless

Okay, I think this is the real key in finding a way to keep your wardrobe exciting without constantly cycling through clothing. Purchase pieces that are timeless. AKA invest in the basics. When you shop on a whim, what do you usually buy? That trendy new jacket you wear for a few weeks or a bright colored summer dress that’s only wearable on special occasions? Me too. This is why purposefully purchasing quality basics you can mix and match other items with and grab day in and day out is so important. Need a good place to start? Madewell’s blog is my favorite. Not only do I find inspiration for classic pieces, but it’s a great read, too.

Now you try! What wardrobe struggles have you been facing and how do you get excited about your clothes again?


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