Meet Sally

By day, you may find me sipping coffee in a local cafe, conferencing in on client calls, scheduling meetings for myself and others, or a whole slew of other daily activities. By night, it’s much of the same.

People often ask what I do. “So you work from home… so you don’t work?”

Well, not quite but something along the lines of working from home. For those who don’t know, I am a website strategist for an amazing web design company based in Central PA. I help with a boatload of tasks and jobs within our small business, many of which happen from the comfort of my home.

After my 9-5, I work as a freelancer with various businesses helping with things like social media management, public relations efforts, blogging, strategic outreach, crisis communication, and fundraising. I love having a work-life that’s always evolving and keeping me on my toes.

When I’m not in my “home office” or onsite with a client, you can find me researching blog topics and teaching myself web design on this site, participating in soccer or kickball, and attempting to renovate my first home.

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